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Sensors are strategically placed in the home to provide real-time information to the family and Monitoring Team.  Typically motion sensors are placed in frequently used rooms, pressure mats in the bed and favorite chair and open/closed sensors on entry doors.  They can provide peace of mind as well as an inside look into daily activities.



A variety of motion, open/closed and pressure mat sensors are placed in the home to monitor movement and activity.  Our passive monitoring requires no action on the part of the client. A lack of activity or mat occupancy for a pre-set period of time generates an Alert Notification.

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Monitoring: Family or Professional 

Monitoring may be done by the family or our Professional Monitoring Team.  When an Alert is received, our Team will first check on the client by phone and, if needed, dispatch help such as an on-call agency caregiver, family, loved one or emergency services.



Even when professional monitoring is selected, the family or loved ones may choose to receive notifications of Alerts and Events. 



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