Passive Remote Monitoring

SensorSAFE® was developed by a home care agency owner with over 17 years of experience caring for seniors in their homes. We are passionate about assisting people to affordably age in place by utilizing technology. We work with home care agencies, family members and caregivers using passive sensor monitoring including motion, open/closed and pressure mat sensors. There is nothing to wear or buttons to push and we do not use video cameras in order to protect the privacy of our clients. Our mission is to provide clients with an integrated care and technology solution to remain in their own home.


We are there when you can't be


Sensors are strategically placed in the home to provide real-time information to the family and Monitoring Team.  Typically motion sensors are placed in frequently used rooms, pressure mats in the bed and favorite chair and open/closed sensors on entry doors.  They can provide peace of mind as well as an inside look into daily activities.



A variety of motion, open/closed and pressure mat sensors are placed in the home to monitor movement and activity.  Our passive monitoring requires no action on the part of the client. A lack of activity or mat occupancy for a pre-set period of time generates an Alert Notification.

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Monitoring: Family or Professional 

Monitoring may be done by the family or our Professional Monitoring Team.  When an Alert is received, our Team will first check on the client by phone and, if needed, dispatch help such as an on-call agency caregiver, family, loved one or emergency services.



Even when professional monitoring is selected, the family or loved ones may choose to receive notifications of Alerts and Events. 



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Software designed with you in mind

Through our home care experience we understand the challenges of seniors remaining in their home. We work diligently to provide user friendly software geared toward proactive, efficient and safe client care.








Quickly review Alerts and Events for your client or loved one



two Monitoring options: family or professional team

The family may choose to monitor their loved one or use our Professional Monitoring team


Alerts and Activity in real time

Our Monitoring Team will respond to any Alerts or unusual activity:

Stuck in bed                          Stuck in favorite chair    

Period of no activity               Door left open


Emergency response when needed

Our Professional Monitoring Team will follow selected protocols and dispatch help including emergency services, if necessary


Enhance Agency Care


SensorSAFE® can increase the homecare agency service options by combining hands on care with technology. With daily, real-time monitoring, your clients can remain longer in their own home. Our goal for your business: deeper insights, improved care, and increased service options.


Home is where the heart is so we'd like to keep you there


Home is where everyone wants to be. Your loved ones are at the heart of our business. Their insights and feedback empower our continuous efforts toward innovation - blending technology with hands on care.